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A photo of a drive way showing a dirty side and a clean side from the pressure washing
Driveway before and after pressure washing
A blue and light blue pressure washing logo using a pressure meter

Why should a home owner pressure wash?

Pressure washing isn't new to the cleaning arsenal. Pressure washers were invented in 1950 but smaller versions weren't engineered for quite some time. Now, the pressure washers are small, portable and carry the same power as early models. But why would one use a pressure washer to clean?


Pressure washers emit a high pressure per square inch which can remove dirt, scum, mildew, and more importantly mold. In Florida, due to the moist climate, mold grows everywhere. Most of this mold is harmless but some can cause illness. There isn't much homeowners can do to prevent the mold from growing but there is an easy way to cleaning it. Pressure washing.


The amount of pressure emitted from a pressure washer can range from 500-4000 PSI which is powerful enough to remove paint from a old deck.


So why should a homeowner clean their roof, siding, patio or driveway with a pressure washer? Well, the answer is simple. Pressure washing restores the look of old and moldy surfaces and costs much less that refinishing or repainting.


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