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Dirty roof with leaved, mold and rotting algae
Image of a very clean roof free of debris. The roof was cleaned using a low pressure water method mastered by Water Rocket Property Services

Roof Pressure Washer Cleaning

North Eastern Florida's asphalt roofs mainly suffer from two invaders. Algae which often appears black on the surface caused by its pigment and Moss which is green and can have a sponge like texture.  There is not scientific evidence at this time that algae causes roof damage but many find the black, nonuniform streaks unsightly.  Moss on the other hand and cause shingles to lift and roof seals to break.




Water Rocket Property Services cleans roofs using methods approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association).  This includes the application of a cleaning solution followed by a low pressure rinse.  The results can be stunning after we roof clean and significantly improve the look of your home.  Please visit our gallery to view some current roof cleaning projects completed by Water Rocket.

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