Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Curvy white sidewalk curves into an entry way to a house
Zane Michalko is removed dropped paint for a wood deck.
A dark wood deck is covered with white paint, dirt and mold.
The same deck is now clean of paint, dirt and mold. It has a rich beige color.
A blue and light blue pressure washing logo using a pressure meter

Pressure Washing

Water Rocket uses only professional grade equipment with 4000 psi available and cleanser injection.  Before the cleaning process begins, all plants near your house and delicate items are protected.  Preparation is as important to us as the actual cleaning process and leaving your property better than we found it is always our goal.  When it comes to pressure washing every structure and situation is different so we provide free estimates to insure the job is done to your expectations.

• Concrete Cleaning

• Patio & Walkway Cleaning

• Driveway Cleaning

• Rust Removal

• Slab Cleaning

• Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

• Roof Cleaning

Water Rocket Property Services has an available 4000 psi when needed for concrete and masonry cleaning.  We have multiple headed surface cleaners that uniformly clean your driveway, walks, patios and pool decks.  Due to the nature and location of some rust stains we cannot always guarantee the removal of them but do have excellent results most of the time with our bio degradable rust removing chemicals.


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