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Dirty roof with leaved, mold and rotting algae
Image of a very clean roof free of debris. The roof was cleaned using a low pressure water method mastered by Water Rocket Property Services

Pressure Cleaning Costs and FAQ

When you decide it's time to have your house, deck, patio, screened enclosure, driveway, or fence pressured washed or your roof cleaned with low pressure by a processional. I recommend you have a few questions ready for the pressure washing contractor.


Are you insured to do pressure washing and if so for how much?

This is important because many pressure washing machines are capable of out putting as much as 4000 pounds per square inch of water.  Costly damage to your siding, windows and more can be caused when the operator of the pressure washing machine is not educated in it's use or careless while washing your home.


What if any chemical or detergents will you be using?

Most pressure washing professionals will have a chemical injection system on their pressure washer that allows them to inject cleansers, detergents and or chemicals into the water stream for better results than just using water alone.  This often is a 2 step process starting with the cleanser, detergent or chemical  and finishing with a water only rinse.   There are a wide variety of biodegradable and non biodegradable cleansers, chemicals and detergents on the market and many theories for which ones work best.  It is important that your pressure washing professional knows when and what to use for each particular surface.  Not only do they need the correct chemical or detergent to remove the mold, dirt and grime but  damage can be caused to your home, plants and other surfaces by using improper products.


Is your work guaranteed?

You might notice when when looking for a pressure washing contractor or for that matter a lot of home contractors  their adds will state "work is guaranteed".  Take the time to ask what that means concerning your job?  Will the pressure washer remove all the mildew and grime and will my house look new again?  Will the pressure washer remove all the mildew and grime but a new paint job after the wash will be needed make your home look new again?  Let them know your expectations and have them explain their capabilities.  This will ensure a positive experience for you and avoid any misunderstanding.


How do we calculate our estimates?

Some pressure washing contractors estimate by the square footage of your home.  You call them on the phone, give them the size of your home and they quote you a price.  This works perfectly fine sometimes but I have found more times than not it's worth visiting the property and taking a look.  This lets me know the condition of your landscaping and the measures that will be necessary to protect it, the actual condition of your paint, stucco, roof, patio or driveway, and any other circumstance that will need to be accounted for before the wash begins.

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